Tue’s fascination for storytelling started when he made his first Claymation film in the 2nd grade. It became a full-on obsession when he lived in Bangladesh and spent almost 4 years at the local video store renting pirated copies of every b-movie and horror film imaginable.

He graduated the European Film College at 20 and moved to Copenhagen where he landed a job as an editor cutting documentaries and at times relevant but mostly irrelevant entertainment television.

A director at heart, he joined an alternative production company StormTroopers 101 founded by Lars von Trier at Zentropa Films. At Zentropa he worked as a director and content developer, and from here he made the natural transition to the MFA directing program at The American Film Institute (AFI), in Los Angeles.

At AFI, he won The Colin Higgins Foundation Screenplay Production Award, the IHS Film and Fiction Scholarship, and his thesis film 'Double Negatives' was subsequently selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival.

After graduation Tue co-founded The Kompany Entertainment, a music video and commercial production company, where he joined forces with his longtime collaborator Michael Hansen and formed the writing and directing duo Storm|Hansen.

The duo got noticed immediately for their first collaboration - a gritty black & white video for the band The Raveonettes - and signed with Radical Media for commercial representation in the US and UK. Soon after they signed with Bite Management for global representation and Kind Film for Danish. They’ve won a Cannes Lion for a Heineken spot they co-directed with Nicolai Fuglsig and directed 2nd unit on his sci-fi film thriller 'GUNDOG' in the Californian desert. Together they wrote the thriller 'Angels' as well as a supernatural horror set deep in the Swedish woods called 'Red Cabin'. They recently wrote an episode for the action anthology series ‘Bandits’ which was picked up by Tom Hardy’s production company Hardy Son & Baker.

Tue most recently helped develop two seasons of a new series for Netflix called 'Equinox'. Season 1 premiers in December 2020. Storm|Hansen continues to direct commercials world wide and are currently in pre-production on the feature film ‘Angels’.